Over the years, Marks collection has attracted a lot of attention from a number of media outlets including the New York Times, Forbes, Cigar Aficianado and many more. Below are some of the articles that Mark has appeared in:


Where There's Smoke, There Are Buyers

FORBES MAGAZINE - December 22, 2003


From the sidewalk to Sotheby's, The Cigar Store Indian is a piece of American tobacco history

CIGAR MAGAZINE, Winter 2004-2005


Sidewalk Sculptures: Cigar-Store Indians Served as High-Profile Advertising Tools for Tobacconists



Last of the Cigar Store Indians

NEW YORK TIMES, November 6, 1994


Antiques: Cigar Store Indians on Parade

NEW YORK TIMES, November 21, 1997


NY Collector Tries to Keep Cigar Store Indians Alive

Sun Sentinel, January 19, 1990


Tobacconist's Figures - The Collection of Mark Goldman

Collectors' Eye, April 1999, Vol. 2 No. 2